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  • Course: Electronic Publication 1 (NDU EPub 1)
  • Lessons: 24
  • Publication Date: 2017-11-02
  • Supplementary Material: nein
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    • NDU Students
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The main focus of our first semester is an introduction into working with the Adobe Creative Suite, while supporting the projects in the core modules. On completion of the course students should be proficient in the essential tools and methods of both bitmap and vector graphics and should be capable of creating page layouts combining cross-software techniques. What's more, they should have developed an initial understanding of the fundamental concepts in modern prepress and print production.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction into color management and prepress: additive and subtractive color mixing, halftone printing, resolution, viewing distance...
  • Introduction into working with bitmap graphics and Adobe Photoshop: gradation and color, global and local image editing techniques, simple cutouts, workflow and finalisation...
  • Introduction into vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator: basic tools, simple path techniques, construction and workflow...
  • Introduction into page layout and Adobe InDesign: working with pages, text area and baseline grid, micro and macro typography, paragraph and character styles, basic workflow, workflow, prepress and simple print production, PDF export...